Oct 13th, 2016 ‘Launch Your Startup’ Panel at Amazon Academy, Brussels BE 

June 15th, 2016 ‘IoT: New opportunities for German tech?’ Panel Heueka Conference , Berlin DE 

March 8th, 2016 ‘Building Music Experiences for the Home’ Berlin Geekettes’ International Women’s Day Berlin DE 

Oct 22nd, 2015 ‘Designing Next Generation User Interfaces’ EHV Summit, Eindhoven NL, 

Oct 17th, 2014 - Sunday, Nov 16th, 2014 All Media Exhibition 2014 at Ann Arbor Art Center, Ann Arbor MI

September 8-28, 2014 - Document. Document. Document. at Sol Koffler Gallery, Providence RI

May 15th - 31st 2014 - Graduate Thesis Exhibition at RI Convention Center, Providence RI

May 16th - 19th 2014 - Wanted Design NYC at Terminal Stores, 269 11th Ave NY, NY

March 20th - April 13th 2014 - Furniture Graduate Student Exhibition at Sol Koffler Gallery, Providence RI

March 20th - 21st 2014 - Presenter at MaterialLessons Department Symposium, Providence RI

March 2014 - Featured in "Young Designers Make an impression at Design Indaba" on

March 2014 - Featured in "New Talent from Around the World" on

February 2014 -  Presenter at Design Indaba Graduate Pecha Kucha in Cape Town, South Africa

January 2014 - Featured in Furniture Departmental Exhibition '14, at Woods Gerry Gallery, Providence RI


November 2013 -  Grant Recipient of RISD 2050, Providence, RI

September 2013 - Credited on installation team for "Warm Up 2013: A Platform for Design" MoMA Inside/Out

August 2013 - Interviewed in "If Chairs Could Talk" in International Wood Magazine 


July - August 2012 - Artist-in-Residence at Maker Works 

May 2012 - Winner of Gorman Award for Scholarship, Leadership and Creative Work, University of Michigan


October 2011 - Curator for "Designing TEDxUofM" Exhibition at Duderstadt Gallery, Ann Arbor Michigan

November 2011 - Grant Recipient of Integrated Project (IP) Senior Project, Penny W. Stamps School, Michigan

February 2011 - Curator for "Table versus Chair Furniture" Exhibition at Slusser Lounge, Ann Arbor Michigan


August 2010 - Featured in Summer Design Exhibition at KARCH, Copenhagen Denmark

January 2010 - Featured in 'Trains of Thought' Exhibition at Work Gallery, Ann Arbor Michigan


June 2009 - Featured Creative Process Exhibition at L'Abbaye de Pontlevoy, France